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Is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of high quality ceramic & porcelain tiles for residential, commercial and industrial architecture.

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GGCL has been producing in-house advanced ceramic & porcelain materials since 1994:

We design and develop ceramic & porcelain wall and floor tiles, from idea stage through to the whole of Advance manufacturing process.

GGCL has six manufacturing units :

Our Units

All companies are part of a development strategy based on providing Customer Delight. In this way, GGCL has become one of largest OEM partner to most prestigious names in the global ceramic Industry.

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Our Strength

Partner with industry leaders


Our Strength is in identifying, forging and propelling Strategic Alliance with industry's leading brands and solution provider companies. This is done on a sustainable foundation of enhancement of our product & service offerings with quality & innovative tile designs.

This ecosystem enhances productivity and reduces quality risks & complexity. It also ensures faster go-to-market by utilizing collective expertise.

Tailor-Made tiles


The ultimate goal of Tailor-made tiles program is to be a point of solutions for architects, decorators, builders and importers who are offered a wide range of possibilities in terms of sizes, surfaces, designs and typology with the latest market trends.

We ensure the supply of largest slabs together with classic small format tiles in single project with timely delivery.

Ceramic know-how


Our top management has experience of more than 25 years in the ceramic industry and knows the Global tiles market in utmost details.

At GGCL, our Human Capital is very knowledgeable and experienced from ceramic industry.

They have joined hands and chosen to work under strong guidance of our top management to facilitate international clients in doing business with the Indian Ceramic industry.

Mission, Vision & Value

Why we exist

Our Vision

To generate a footprint of GGCL as a benchmark in the Global Ceramic Tiles Industry by No. of Customers, Employees and Suppliers.

Also to be recognized as the most in demand brand

Our Mission

We work hard every day to make “GGCL” as the world’s most respected & recognized symbol where quality, luxury, and afford-ability come together.