GGCL Guide : 1) How to apply ceramic tiles to hardy board for wall

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GGCL Guide : 1) How to apply ceramic tiles to hardy board for wall

Hardy board or the backer board is an installation of an underlayment done for the tiles. This underlayment is done to prevent the moisture from damaging the walls and also to create a leveled stable surface to support the ceramic wall tiles installed. The ceramic wall tiles in it are water and moisture resistant, but the moisture has a way to seep through the grout and uneven joints between the tile edges. Therefore it becomes important to install a hardy board of backer board behind the tiles as underlayment.


Begin with installing the hardy board or backer board on the wall using screws. Once the boards are installed, wipe them with wet damp sponge to clean any dust remained after the installation. Apply some tile adhesive between the board joints. Mark the center of the wall vertically and prepare a layout. Dry fit the tiles over the layout and adjust the tiles as needed to avoid uneven or thin cuts of tile on the edges of the wall. Prepare a small batch of thinset and spread it along the underlayment using a trowel. Drag the notched edge of the trowel through the thinset until the area is no longer smooth at along any section.


Set the first tile onto the wall and press the tile to the surface to bond with the adhesive. Set a second tile into the adhesive butting the edges up against the first tile. If the tiles are uneven, tap them with a rubber mallet to level them. Install all the tiles in the same way and then leave the thinset to cure for 24 hours. Mix a batch of grout and pack the grout into the grooves between the tiles with a rubber grout float. Wipe away grout from the surface of the tiles with a damp sponge.



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