GGCL Guide: how to install ceramic tile backsplash

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GGCL Guide: how to install ceramic tile backsplash

The wall above the countertops or what is called as the backsplash is most prone to dirt, grease, stains and fire hazard. Therefore it is quintessential that the backsplash or the wall above the countertop is covered by tiles. The fire resistant nature along with the ease of cleaning makes the ceramic wall tiles the most ideal material to be installed on the wall above the countertop or the backsplash. The backsplash space between a countertop and wall cabinets usually can be filled with two or three horizontal tile rows, depending on the size of your tiles.


The installation process should be started by deciding and drawing the layout about where and how you would be installing the ceramic wall tiles. Once the layout is finalized, it is advisable to measure and cut the ceramic wall tiles as per the requirement so that you won’t to stop, measure and cut the tiles every time you reach an edge. Once you have all the required ceramic wall tiles pieces as per the layout requirement, you can start installing them. Apply a layer of adhesive on the chosen wall. When the level of adhesives is even, place the first row and column of tiles on the wall. While placing each ceramic wall tile, press the tiles firmly and twist them slightly to embed them in the adhesive. Repeat the process till all the tiles have been embedded as per the prefixed layout.


To end the ceramic wall tile installation process, start applying grout between all the groves of the tiles you just installed. . Once finished, wipe the entire wall with grout sponge and water to remove the excess grout. Let the grout and adhesive dry up, give a nice cleaning with soft cloth to obtain the required finishing after installing the ceramic wall tiles on a wall.