GGCL Guide: How do you clean porcelain floor tiles

GGCL Guide: How do you clean porcelain floor tiles

The porcelain floor tiles are thicker, stronger and heavier then the ceramic wall tiles. This makes them more durable and long lasting then the ceramic tiles. The porcelain floor tiles are also subjected to constant and never ending wear and tear once laid down. The floor tiles are the ones which get the dirtiest in the least amount of time. Fortunately, the porcelain floor tiles are one of the easiest to clean. There are several methods of cleaning the porcelain floor tiles that involve the use of common household items.


The porcelain floor tiles laid down in the kitchen can be easily cleaned with sodium borate or borax. Sodium Borate or Borax has been being widely used in the daily household chores for a while now. The Borax is used to remove the stains that appear on the floor tiles. Mix the Borax with lemon juice and stir the mixture until it becomes a smooth paste. Spread the paste on the stain and let it sit for a while to absorb the stain. Rub it off with a sponge or soft cloth to remove the stain as well as the paste.


For the unglazed porcelain floor tiles, you can use the white vinegar solution. Make the solution by mixing 1/4th cup of white vinegar in approximately 8 liters of water. Damp a clean dry piece of cloth in the solution and use it to wipe all the dirty porcelain floor tiles. Let the cleanser soak for a while but don’t let it dry off. Scrub the stubborn stains with a soft bristle brush. Rinse the tiles with warm water.


For the glazed porcelain floor tiles, begin with sweeping and vacuuming the dirt and debris from the floor. Use a clean piece of cloth damped in warm water to mop up the floor tiles. Make sure you don’t allow the moisture to puddle or pool over the tiles. Stuck dry soil pieces can be removed by using nylon bristle brush and stubborn stains can be removed by using the vinegar water mixture. Rinse again with warm water and dry the surface with clean dry towel.

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