GGCL Guide: How to clean bathroom porcelain floor tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to clean bathroom porcelain floor tiles

The porcelain floor tiles laid down on the bathroom floors are most prone to dirt, dead skin cells and other debris. The soapy solution of body wash, shower gel, soaps and shampoos along with the hard water allows the dirt and debris to accumulate over the period of time. The problem with porcelain tile flooring is when it gets dirty, it can look awful.  It loses its shine and the grime discolours the grout lines. The original shine of the porcelain floor tiles can be brought back again by doing some bathroom specific cleaning.


You should always begin with sweeping off the large unstuck debris and dirt particles. If the floor is dry, you can even employ the service of wet dry vacuum to clean the porcelain floor tiles. It is very important to get rid of dirt and debris on the floor. If you just went ahead and mopped the floor with the dirt, yes, it would look clean but not as bright as it should be because you will be rubbing dirt into the tiles. Make a mixture of white vinegar and water and use the solution to mop the floor tiles next.


Let the detergent mixture sit for a while, usually 10-15 minutes. Once the mixture has set, it is time for scrubbing now. Use the soft bristle brush to scrub the black marks and stain on the grout lines. Use the regular sponge mop to scrub of the regular dirt. Focusing on small spaces ensures nothing gets left out so scrub each porcelain tile until it looks spotless and then move on to the next. Once every inch of the floor in the particular area is covered, you will need to dry the floor to get rid of the dirty water. Fill a bucket with clean water and using a clean mop or sponge, wipe the tiles to remove any detergent or dirt that may have remained.


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