GGCL Guide: How to clean sealed porcelain floor tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to clean sealed porcelain floor tiles

The porcelain floor tiles are a specific type of ceramic tiles which are baked particularly harder and are often paired with a glazed glass protective coating that makes them impervious to staining, water damage, and most scratching physical impact. The porcelain floor tiles are made of extremely durable material which doesn’t require much care or maintenance to keep it looking sleek and new through decades of use. Although, there are certain ways to ensure that extra care is given to all the aspects of the installation in order to achieve optimal effects.


The regular cleaning of the porcelain floor tiles conducted on daily basis is quite an easy task. You should vacuum, sweep or mop the floor tiles regularly. Based on the foot traffic the porcelain floor tiles face, this cleaning could be done on daily or weekly basis. You can also perform deep cleaning procedure at a fixed interval to remove the remove dirt that has worked its way into the microscopic pores of the tiles and to most importantly sanitize the floor. You can use a solution of warm water and mild dish washer soap to mop the floor and remove the stains.


For the deep cleaning of the porcelain floor tiles, you need to prepare a mixture of vinegar and water. Mix 1/4th cup of white vinegar in 8 litres of warm water. You can also use essential oils to add desired scent. Dampen a clean mop with the vinegar water solution and use it to wipe the porcelain floor tiles. Rinse the floor with plain water. If there are any stubborn stains still remaining, sprinkle some baking soda on them and mop again with the vinegar water solution. Flush the porcelain floor tiles thoroughly with plain water to remove any residue.