GGCL Guide: How to cut holes in ceramic wall tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to cut holes in ceramic wall tiles

Due to its long lasting life and durability, the ceramic wall tiles are the most commercially used construction material to cover up the walls and floors. Ceramic tiles cover up most of your walls at homes and offices. This makes it necessary to drill holes into them now and then whenever you want to hang something up. The brittle nature of the clay makes it a slightly difficult process to drill holes into the ceramic wall tiles. Since the ceramic wall tiles are extremely strong with a low tensile strength, the hole drilling process becomes a little complex.


As mentioned above, drilling through tiles isn’t as simple as drilling through wood or any other soft material. When drilling holes in the ceramic wall tiles, you would need special carbide tipped or diamond tipped drill bit. The carbide tipped drill bits are more economical and better suited when drilling on ceramic surface. Before you start drilling, it is important to mark out the drilling points. Hold the accessory which you want to attach to the wall and mark the drilling points. Cover these points with masking tape. If you are drilling over ceramic surface for the first time then using drill guides is advised.


Wear protective equipments like safety goggles, leather gloves and arm covering shirt before you start drilling. To prevent the drill from overheating and also to prevent unnecessary vibration which might crack up the ceramic wall tile, it is suggested that you start and work on a low speed while applying even pressure. Place the drill bit on the pre-marked location and gently drill in a shallow hole. Once you feel that you have gone through the ceramic wall tile, swap the drill bit to multi material drill bit so as you can drill through the background of wall, wood or bricks.