GGCL Guide: How to cut mosaic ceramic wall tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to cut mosaic ceramic wall tiles

Mosaic ceramic wall tiles have become the latest trend home decoration. The versatility of the mosaic ceramic tiles has made them the most sought after choice when decorating or highlighting a single wall in your homes or offices. The contemporary mosaic tiles come in a small individual sheet with a flexible mesh backing. This flexible mesh backing can easily be cut by using any utility knife. In case if the layout is such that you require individual small tiles to be cut, you can using any standard ceramic wall tiles cutting method.


The clear distinct markings defining the cuts to be made are very important. You should start with marking the cuts on either the mesh background of the tiles or on the face of the tiles too. Marking on the face of the tiles is more advisable since while cutting we have to keep the tile face up and background down. The best way to mark the cuts and is to hold the tiles up against the wall where it is supposed to be installed and then make the markings. This should be done before the mortar or adhesive is applied on the wall.


The easiest and most preferred way of cutting the ceramic wall tiles is by using the wet saw. Place the mosaic ceramic tile on the wet saw bed aligning the cut markings with the saw blade. Push the tile ahead under the saw blade along the marking. Ensure that your hands stay clear of the blade all the time. Apart from using the wet saw, you can make cuts in the mosaic ceramic tiles by cutting the mesh backing and removing the pieces individually. This can be done with the help of  tile nippers or the wet saw.