GGCL Guide: How to cut porcelain floor tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to cut porcelain floor tiles

The porcelain tiles have remained the most sought after choice when the flooring is being done. The hard, glazed nature of the porcelain tiles makes it a great decorative material with great durability and added aesthetic look. Working with porcelain is piece of cake from installing to cutting. Although if you are used to working with the ceramic tiles, the porcelain tiles might pose a bit of problem for you. Since porcelain is made from fired and glazed clay, there are different factors to take into consideration before cutting it. Regardless, the cutting of the porcelain tiles can be done using a variety of specialty tools to expedite the process. In fact, porcelain tile can even be cut by hand.


If you are amateur at working around the porcelain tiles, it is advisable that you begin with using the dremel tools. Ensure that your dremel tool has diamond tile drill bit. Once you have the right drill bit installed perfectly, mark the holes or lines that you need to cut on the porcelain floor tile. Expert advice that you should start of by holding the drill at a 45 degree angle and move along cutting till you get to 90 degree angle. Once you have reached the end of the marked section, pull out the drill bit gently and separate the cut pieces.


You can also use the tile nipper to form circular or arched sections of the porcelain floor tiles. Since the tile nippers work by using the hand pressure, you might have to use something like rub brick to smooth of the cut edges. Just like ceramic wall tiles, you can even use the wet saw to cut large pieces of porcelain floor tiles. The procedure to cut porcelain tiles using wet saw is similar to that of cutting ceramic wall tiles.