GGCL Guide: How to fix loose ceramic in shower wall tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to fix loose ceramic in shower wall tiles

A loose tile in shower is quite easy to fix. The process involves removing the tile, cleaning the space and re-installing the tiles. However a loose ceramic wall tile in the shower shouldn’t be taken lightly because, a loose tile will allow moisture to get into the substrate material. This could potentially cause the rest of your tiles to loosen, and you might be faced with replacing the entire floor, which isn't such an easy fix. You should be able to identify the loose tile easily by applying pressure on them. If the tiles move, then they are loose and need to be fixed.


Start by removing the loose ceramic tiles. You can try taking it out completely by hand. Apply pressure on any one edge to make the tile lean diagonally. Hold and pull the lifted end to remove the tile. If this is not possible, use the traditional ceramic tile removal procedure. Remove the grout using the grout saw. Use the hammer and chisel to remove the stuck mortar and then clean up the area by using a dry-wet vacuum to suck the debris. Make sure the surface is completely clean.


If the removed ceramic wall tile is undamaged, clean it up with water and soft bristle brush to remove any dirt stuck to the tile. If the tile is damaged, bring in a new tile similar to the one you just removed. Apply a thin layer of mortar on the exposed portion and firmly push the tile onto the mortar. Make sure the ceramic wall tile sits firmly in the mortar. Scoop out any excess mortar that seeps into the grout line around the tile. Using a putty knife, fill in the grout lines with premixed grout to seal the joints and edges around the tile. Use a clean dry piece of cloth to wipe the entire set up.