GGCL Guide: How to fix porcelain floor tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to fix porcelain floor tiles

The floor tiles are the ones which suffer the most abuses and walk over. It is imperative that the floor tiles are composed of sturdy tough strong material which is low maintenance and easy to clean. The hard durable porcelain tiles are therefore the ideal choice for flooring. Although, no matter how durable, with the passing of time, even the strongest of tiles get damaged a bit. In some cases, you can fix a chip in a tile using a porcelain repair kit. Cracked tiles should be replaced to prevent tripping or prevent water from undermining a mortar bed.


To begin the fixing of porcelain floor tiles, start of by applying masking tape on the outer edges of the broken tile such that the strips of masking tape align with grout joints instead of covering them. Put on your safety glasses and gloves and then break the tile into pieces using the chisel or hammer. Start from center of the tile and move towards the edges. Scrape of the grout from under the tile you just broke and removed. Also pull off the strips of masking tape applied on the edges of the tiles.


Take the premixed thin-set or mortar and using the putty knife, apply a uniform 1/4-inch-thick layer of thin-set or mortar on the back of the new tile. Place the tile into the place and align the spaces at the outer edges uniformly at the edges of the surrounding tiles. Press down on the edges of the new tile. Remove any thin-set or mortar that oozed up at the spaced between the tiles, using the damp sponge. Fill the spaces between the new tile and surrounding tiles with grout, using the putty knife. Remove any dried grout at the tiles with the damp sponge. Dry the tiles with a clean rag.