GGCL Guide: How to remove ceramic tiles from kitchen wall

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GGCL Guide: How to remove ceramic tiles from kitchen wall

Due to its nature of water resistance and easily washable cleanable surface makes the ceramic tiles as the most ideal choice for kitchen walls. These long lasting durable ceramic tiles pose a hindrance when later on while remodeling or redecoration you want to install modular cabinets or remodel the entire kitchen. It takes quite an effort to pull apart the strong adhesive used to stick this ceramic wall tiles.


To safely remove the ceramic wall tiles installed on the kitchen walls without damaging the adjacent areas, you should start with scraping off the grout applied between the joints of the tiles. Use the grout scraper to scrape back and forth the grout lines resulting in grinding the grout until the wall base is visible.


Take the blunt putty knife and wedge it between the wall and tile edges made visible by scrapping off the grout. If the ceramic tile doesn’t pop off under the applied gentle pressure, use the hammer to lightly tap on the putty knife to slide it further deeper. Many a times the ceramic tiles may break under the pressure and some parts remain stuck to the wall. You need to use the wide blade putty knife to scrape off the struck pieces from the wall.


As mentioned above, the ceramic wall tiles may shatter while being removed. You are advised to wear safety goggles to prevent any eye injuries due to flying shrapnel or shreds of the tile glaze. Also you are advised to wear arm covering shirts and leather gloves to eliminate the risk of cuts and scrapes from the shreds and shrapnel of ceramic glaze.

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