GGCL Guide: How to remove scratches from ceramic wall tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to remove scratches from ceramic wall tiles

The ceramic wall tiles installed all around your house keep on taking a large amount of abuse during their extended life period. Due to these abuses, the scratches are bound to show up. Dirty and debris get stuck in these scratches and end up making the tiles look perpetually grimy even after you've cleaned it. The shallow scratches can easily be filled up by buffing the tile with a gentle abrasive.


The scratches removal process using buffing the tiles with a gentle abrasive requires you to first prepare the abrasive. For that, you should mix 8 liters of water with 1/4th cup of liquid Castile soap in a tub. Stir the mixture well. Dip a sponge in the mixture and then use it to wipe the scratched surface gently. This would remove the dirt and debris stuck in the scratched space. After wiping with the castile soap and water solution, rinse off the tile with clean water and let it dry.


Make a paste of scouring powder by adding a little amount of water to the dry powder. Take a clean cloth and dampen it with the scouring powder paste. Use the dampen cloth to apply the paste on the scratched surface with tiny circular motions. Let the paste to dry off for 5-10 minutes before wiping it up with soft bristle brush.


Apply a little amount of brass polish or toothpaste on another piece of a clean cloth. Use this clean cloth to apply the brass polish or toothpaste on the scratched surface of the ceramic wall tiles. This should be again done with tiny circular motions made under light pressure. Let the brass polish or toothpaste sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off with clean water and let the surface of ceramic wall tile dry.