GGCL Guide: What do I need to install porcelain tiles on a cement floor

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GGCL Guide: What do I need to install porcelain tiles on a cement floor

In this article we will cover the tools needed for installing the porcelain tiles on a cement floor and the process of installation too.

Tools you would be requiring are:

  1. Safety glasses
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Anti-fracture material
  4. Paintbrush & Paint Roller
  5. Modified thinset mortar
  6. Chalk line
  7. Mixer Paddle
  8. Grout
  9. Grout Scraper
  10. Buckets & sponges


The installation process would be:

To start off, apply a layer of primer and paint or any other water proofing, anti-fracture material on the concrete surface. You can use the fine tip paint brush to cover all the nooks and crannies, and roller to cover the majority of the area. Let this dry off for 24 hours. Dry fit the tiles on the floor for the measurement and layout purposes. Mark the tiles that either needs to be cut or trimmed. Use chalk lines to draw the crosshair at the center of the area to be tiled. This is where you would be starting from.


Mix the thinset mortar and let it rest for 5-10 minutes according to the manufacturer’s instructions. With a paddle, apply the thinset mortar on the grid marked crosshair. Carefully place the porcelain floor tile on the thinset mortar and apply even pressure to ensure proper bonding. Repeat the process till all the tiles have been laid down. Next apply the grout between the edges and joints. Let the grout sit for 20 minutes and then use the grout scraper to wipe off the excess grout. Fill a bucket with clear water; dip the clean sponge in it. Use the damp sponge to wipe off the installation. Let the grout and thinset mortar dry for 24 hours before beginning the regular use.