GGCL Guide: What is the difference between ceramic floor and wall tiles

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GGCL Guide: What is the difference between ceramic floor and wall tiles

Today the ceramic tiles have become the most preferred choice for flooring and covering up the walls. The durability, toughness, water resistant nature along with its lustrous surface and affordability makes them the ideal choice of builders and architects. When you are out their making selections for the ceramic tiles to be installed in your homes or offices, it is essential that you make the correct choice between the floor and wall tiles. While most of the shops sell the ceramic tiles as installable on both the floors and walls, it is necessary to know the difference.


The difference between the ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles comes from either their technical differences or their visual differences. The manufacturing of tiles has been according to their suitable use. The ceramic tiles that are manufactured to be used as wall tiles are usually lighter in weight in softer in body composition. The ceramic wall tiles are made such so that they don’t put too much pressure and weight on the wall. Also the drilling and cutting of ceramic wall tiles is easier to accommodate the installation of wall accessories.


The ceramic tiles manufactured to be used as floor tiles are generally made sturdier, heavier and with harder body composition. The ceramic floor tiles are made so because the floor faces the most use and the ceramic floor tiles are in for maximum wear and tear. It is essential that these tiles don’t break under normal pressure and neither do they lose their look under the scratches. The ceramic floor tile also has to have a slightly almost unnoticeable textured surface. This is required so has it provides some amount of friction and the surface isn’t very slippery. Also the ceramic floor tiles are usually available in larger sizes as compared to the ceramic wall tiles.