GGCL Guide: How to hang ceramic tiles on wall

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GGCL Guide: How to hang ceramic tiles on wall

The ceramic wall tiles have been termed as the most versatile form of home or office decoration. Apart from using the ceramic wall tiles to cover the floor and walls, the murals made by using various tiny little pieces of different ceramic tiles can be used as art work and hang up to give your homes and offices a contemporary distinct look. Clay, the founding material of ceramic wall tiles, presents a particular challenge to be hung as wall art because of its fragility and weight issues. Ceramic wall tile pieces can be hung by using numerous materials such as the wood, clay, Perspex, metal or glass.


Wood is the most ideal resource as it comes in many forms, colors, textures and hardnesses. In addition to that, wood can be glued onto, screwed into, nailed, drilled and painted. This makes using the wood based hanging apparatus to hang ceramic tiles the most preferred choice. Since the ceramic tiles cannot be directly hanged due to its weight and fragility issues, use the wood as your canvas. Stick the ceramic pieces on the wood to make desired murals. Make small recess behind the wood panel to hang it on the screws placed on the wall.


Using the wire or rope is the best and easiest option if the wall piece is to be hung like a canvas or picture frame. Ensure that the weight of the ceramic wall piece is evenly distributed and attach the wire or rope accordingly on the back side of the wall piece. Acrylic or Perspex is another ideal backing material. You can drill into the acrylic and attach the ceramic pieces to it. Each individual piece of ceramic wall tile is positioned on the surface of the Perspex. The Perspex is then attached to the wall by a wall bracket fixing.