GGCL Guide: How to paint ceramic wall tiles

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GGCL Guide: How to paint ceramic wall tiles

The hardened clay of ceramic wall tiles which has been molded and hardened in the fire proves to be a great receptive surface for painting on. The long lasting life of the ceramic wall tiles usually makes the owner weary of the colour and design which was selected almost decades back. To overcome this, the owners can easily and quite efficiently apply a layer of paint over the old, dingy and outdated wall tiles to give them a fresh new look.


The shiny glazed surface of the ceramic or porcelain wall tiles makes it difficult for the paint to stay on. Thus, sanding and scuffing of this shiny surface is an important and preliminary step of painting the ceramic wall tiles. Once you are done sanding and scuffing off the tile surface, ensure that there are no grouts or uneven joints. Post that cleans off the sand dust and any dirt sticking to the surfaces which is to be painted.


The next step involves rinsing the tiles and applying a layer of primer. The primer being applied should be thinned slightly so as to obtain a smooth bump free coating on the surface. The primer needs to be applied in two stages. After completing one stage of applying the primer, cut around all the edges with a fine paint brush to cover all the nooks and crannies. The second coating of primer is ready to be applied now. This second coating should be allowed to dry off over night. On the next day, follow the same procedure but with the paint this time. Apply the paint in two stages with filling all the edges with a fine paint brush.


Although not all ceramic tile surfaces are good candidates for successful painting. Some additional things to keep in mind before painting ceramic tiles are, to preserve the painted finish on a tile countertop; you will always need to use a cutting board. Knife blades will easily score and scratch the paint layer on ceramic tile. Also never place hot pans on a painted ceramic tile counter. The heat can cause the painted finish to bubble and peel