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GGCL Optimus big slabs are our solution to the most advanced architectural and interior design needs – starting from 80×160 cm up to 120x2400 cm – can be found in numerous collections and with different thicknesses, styles, including stone, concrete and marble.

We believe in a world where big is beautiful, with visually expanded spaces, lesser design interruptions, and infinite prospects.

Porcelain slabs have fresh and lively aesthetics, that they are an excellent choice to make a room feel more refined. We have a wide-ranging collection of colors and designs. The designs like Bejha, Bhukhara, Blekka, Eskepa, Klassiko, Purna, Sapheda, Simenta are the ideal choices for that. Same is available in different finishes like matt, glossy, high gloss, rusty and metallic giving it more appealing look to your floor.

They are extremely light in weight, and its high technical performance makes it suitable for all kinds of projects. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It becomes accustomed to any style of architecture and becomes the stylist solution to your space.

These porcelain slabs are less expensive than stone, granite & marbles and still look just the same. These slabs are a very effective solution as kitchen countertops.

We are the largest exporter and manufacturer of Porcelain Slab tiles with below Available Size

1200x1200mm - 800x1600mm

900x1800mm - 800x2400mm