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GGCL Delivers the luxurious glazed floor tiles, the availability of all unique sizes and extraordinary finishes make our Glazed porcelain tiles stand out. We believe, the way you style your home reflects your own style and so we focus on creating glazed porcelain tiles that suits yours distinctive style.

We have a collection of Porcelain Glaze tiles, which can be applied across floors, walls, and furnishings. Glaze Porcelain tile is denser, impermeable to moisture, and is a more durable option that provides stain-resilient surface and watertight properties compared to ceramic tiles.

The Glaze porcelain tiles can provide the most beautiful colors and can help bring the finest out of your home's decorative and stylistic abilities.

In the world of floor and wall coverings, glaze porcelain tiles are the undoubted king. Glazed porcelain tiles, can replicate the visual appeal and texture of stone at a much lower price

Glaze porcelain tiles are one of the most long-lasting floor and wall covering materials. They can be used in Residence, in commercial sector flooring, and as bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, indoor wall tiles, outdoor wall tiles, elevation tiles, and also in the terrace area.

We are the largest exporter and manufacturer of Glaze Porcelain Tiles with below Available Size

300x600mm - 600x600mm

800x800mm - 200x1200mm